Art of Seduction: My appearance on Very First To

I am very excited to share my latest appearance. You can now purchase my work on the luxurious product and experience site Below is the write up that was shared with it. Please do feel free to pass on and share to your hearts content. Would make me so happy to see someone getting spoilt with one of my pieces this valentines. is proud to unveil ‘Art of Seduction’ by Karin Jolly, hand sculpted lingerie created using specialist paint that is tooled and shaped to replicate lace. You can be the first to purchase a piece, or can commission Karin to create a framed immortalisation of a significant piece of underwear for Valentine’s Day.

Not only has Karin Jolly developed an enticing collection, but she has also created a fusion of art and lingerie enabling one to preserve a significant undergarment - perhaps a bustier or garter belt from one’s wedding day or significant date - as an evocative piece of decorative art.

Clients simply send their chosen lingerie to Karin and she will replicate the garment using her own paint and techniques. The bespoke pieces are available from £3000/ $3750/ €3500. Pieces from the collection are available from £1200/ $1500/ €1400.

The idea to create the show-stoppingly sensual pieces came about as the former model, and mother of seven, sensed that her choice to be a stay-at-home mum was frowned upon by many of her peers. She realised the assumption of others was that her life had become mundane. 

Jolly elaborates, “I decided to create these pieces to illustrate the idea of never judging a book by its cover. School run mums may be wearing sweat pants but you never know what they have on underneath. I am delighted to be working with VeryFirstTo to offer women everywhere the chance to proudly exhibit underwear that means something to them.”

This is the first time that one can purchase Karin’s work that took over 8 years to bring to fruition. In this time, as well as raising her children, Jolly experimented with paints, oils and various techniques. But the effect could not be achieved using existing paints on the market. So, mixing chemicals, oils, pigments and secret ingredients in her North London studio, she created her own type of paint that could be tooled and sculpted to create the 3-D lace effect.

Due to the hand tooling and particular paint mixing process each piece from the collection is one of a kind and is numbered. The numbering is particularly interesting, Karin says: “I number them to illustrate my journey with each piece. I indicate the amount of hours it took and the number of times one of my children interrupted me. I did this to reflect my situation.”


Art Of Seduction pieces are hand made by Karin Jolly. She mixes the paint using chemicals, pigments and secret ingredients to create a paint that is pliable and strong.

Bespoke pieces are not an identical copy of the client’s garment - they are an interpretation. If the piece can not be completed by February 13th, upon commission, the purchaser will be given a piece of ‘lace’ in and envelope with details of the commission, to present on Valentine’s Day.

Each piece is marked with a title (indicating the type of daily chores) the amount of hours taken to complete and the number of interruptions by children. E.G. 36H49I = 36 Hours to complete with 49 interruptions.

Bespoke pieces start from £3,000 and include a box frame. Existing pieces start from £1,200 and include a box frame.

Karin Jolly
Karin Jolly is a polyvalent artist sculptor who uses a variety of mediums to explore the relation to the self and the body form. Her work has been described as a daring and innovative ongoing project seeking to reconcile femininity and domesticity and unveil the hidden facets of the private self.